Friday, January 9, 2009

Be Aware Of SEO Errors

Doing search engine submission and just having a flashy web site is not enough. It is important that potential customers locate your site to keep your business growing. You might say, “What is wrong with my site? It has a beautiful design and an impressive content.” But give it a second thought. Are you really satisfied with the business that is flowing? If this continues, will it be possible for you to survive in this competitive world? This brings us into the realm of SEO.

Be aware of SEO errors:

1. Non-standard title: One should have a clear concept about the title. A standard title should always include the major web site’s keywords and it is recommended to use the company name after the keyword phrase. For more information logon to should always be chosen keeping the viewers in mind or else it can prove to be lethal for its search engine ranking.

2. Use of Meta data: Meta data provides useful information about a web page and the three pieces of metadata that requires our concern are Title, Keywords and Description.

3. Back-links: Some sites tend to link them with other important sites. But the most genuine way to get good links is to develop good contents. If your site can enchant your users then other site owners will have a good reason to link to you, benefiting you from the SEO point of view.

4. Flashy images: Flashy images might be attractive to you but it may not be so to search engines and users. What matters most is the quality of information that is provided to the users – because spiders can’t read flashy images and so they fail to index them.

5. Consistency and Maintenance: One must always remember that it is important to keep an eye on the rankings of your page. To be successful one should maintain an updated site.

6. Reduced site usability: Inconvenience created to the user always results to a poor lifetime value to the visitors and makes the site less attractive.

7. Not staying within guidelines: Search engines have guidelines and violating them may prove to be costly as it may lead to a site being removed from the search engine index or otherwise penalized.

8. Keyword density: It is the ratio of the number of keywords used on a web page to the total number of words on that page. For more infomation logon to keyword density of an article ranges between 2% to 12 %. Repetition of the keyword sometimes damages the charm of the content.

9. Wrong keywords: Knowing and understanding the customers’ needs is very important. Based on it, effective keywords should be chosen so that it brings traffic to the site and makes it more SEO friendly.

10. Insufficient data: Stuffing your website with irrelevant data will create a negative impression on your customers and it may harm your rankings if not taken seriously.

Thus, the role of SEO is vital to a successful online marketing campaign. A website designed beautifully with original contents following the varied information stated above will definitely generate a good business and collect higher returns on investments

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