Sunday, December 7, 2008

SEO Tips

Tip 1: Avoid Bad Coding.
Ensure web pages are W3C Compliant. Search Engines bots crawl through web sites by analyzing the sites code. The idea is to make html clean and error free so that these bots are able to index every page of a website. Having errors could mean that your entire site does not get indexed by the bots, and ultimately can lead to a lower page ranking.
Tip 2: Use Relevant Keywords.
If a website is about belgian chocolate, then go after specific keywords. For example "gourmet belgian chocolate" and "belgian chocolate truffles" would be good choices because they are very specific. The more specific a keyword is, the less competition it will receive in search engine rankings. This allows sites to have an easier time ranking, and a better position in the search engines.
Tip 3: Smart Keyword Placement.
After the keywords have been decided on, they should show up somewhere in the site title and header tags. The keywords should also be in the web pages body, but avoid overdoing the keyword density.
Tip 4: Get Inbound Links.
Relevant incoming links from other websites that are 'trusted' can boost the site's search engine ranking. Try to avoid paid link backs and too many reciprocal links. Stay away from link schemes.

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Kamal said...

Nice post, the tips are also so nice. Thanks for sharing.